From 1975-1982 I studied Social Sciences, Literature and Educational Theory at Erlangen University, first state exam; 1982-1984 teacher training, second state exem; till 1987 working as a teacher; since 1987 member of an editorial staff in the field of education, vocational training and career.
Since 1978 I'm working on the philosophy of Ernst Bloch (thesis 1981: Ernst Bloch's Theory of Categories and the concept of Theory-Praxis); co-founder of the Ernst-Bloch-Assoziation in 1985, since 1992 it's speaker and secretary. At the moment I'm working on a dissertation "Mutual seizing: aesthetical an ethical aspects of Bloch's philosophy of nature".


    Institute of Philosophy, Kassel University

Specialist Field

    Philosophy of the 20th century (especially the philosophy of Ernst Bloch)
    Philosophy of nature


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