born in 1953 in Vienna, Austria;
studied Political Sciences and Psychology at the University of Salzburg; awarded his Dr.phil. in 1980; 1980-1990 scientific research fellow at the Institute of Socio-Economic Development Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences; 1991-2000 assistant professor at the Institute of Design and Technology Assessment of the Vienna University of Technology; since 2000 associate professor of Technology Assessment at the Vienna University of Technology;
Special field of interest: Science-Technology-Society, Foundations of Information Science (Unified Theory of Information), theory of evolutionary systems;
author or co-author of 5 books, editor or co-editor of another 5 books, as well as author or co-author of 70 articles or other published contributions in the field;
member of the International Hegel-Marx Society for Dialectical Thought, the International Society for Systems Sciences, and member of the board of the Scientific Society: Dynamics-Complexity-Human Systems, Vienna.

Specialist Field
    Unified Theory of Information
    Theories of Information Society


  • The Quest for a Unified Theory of Information. Proceedings of the Second Conference on the Foundations of Information Science. With a Foreword by Klaus Haefner. Gordon&Breach, Amsterdam etc. 1999, 590
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